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    Thank you brother! This is exactly what I need/ask!

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    Hey Alex if you read the other threads Matt presented an answer telling that he will make a video with this topic!

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    Why is relevant to know the fasted glucose levels and pre meal glucose levels?

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    Ok Matt very agree with all above, so what amount of insulin you use per amount of carbohydrates?

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    @barpahima I know exactly where you read it… at least I read it too there but not from Pro bodybuilders, but by well known-strong bodybuilders!

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    Ok Matt as you want buddy ???? IMO I would like a guide o probably an example of Peak week schedule but not problem sir!

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    You don’t use Thyroid drugs Matt?

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    Yes Matt you answer it! I know! I asked you in the past about percentages and you told me you don’t do percentages!

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    Yes! We are awaiting it! By the way amazing solid 11 reps with that 130s on shoulder press.

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    I have some issues with insomnia since 13-14th week of 20 but nothing hard!

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    Thank you Matt! Definitely will go to try this protocol the next time!

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    Ok Matt I have the next for you: In what you base the amount of different Macros intake (Fat, Protein and Carbohydrate) I would mean; X amount of Fat, X amount of Protein and X amount of Carbohydrates! Thanks buddy.

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    IMO I like to use moderate-low amount of Tren E, about 400mg/week (272mg of raw Tren) split it in two pin! I think the really hazard sides of Tren starts in about 700-1000mg (476-680mg of raw Tren) I totally agree with Matt in the long use of Anadrol (C-17aa modified) by his potential liver toxicity I don’t use more than 50mg peri workout for maximum of 4-6weeks. When I run Tren and Test always monitoring my lipids profile (Cholesterol, HDL and LDL) Test and Tren are well knowing by the high impact on the lipids profile.

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    5 half life (clearance time)

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    So I always wait to count 5 half life, depending wich Testosterone ester I used! For example if I ran between 500-750mg of Testosterone Enanthate (10 days active life) I wait at least 50 days then get my blood work and check my DHT, E2, Free T, Total T, LH and FSH, my E2 and DHT levels are in range but at that point, my Total T, LH and FSH are very low, one time checked this I start the next:

    For 24days:
    20mg of Tamoxifen ED (as a well LH stimulator)
    2500ui of HCG EOD (working like a LH mimic and boosting intratesticular testosterone)
    25mg of Examestane EOD after each HCG pin (Avoiding the intratesticular aromatization once HCG is introduced)

    Then I go to check my Total T. levels and confirm are in range. If weren’t in range or maybe “low” I continue another 5-7days of HCG EOD and recheck the Total T. levels.
    Assuming Total T. levels are in range I introduce a SERM (Clomid) as a LH agonist to BOOST the pituitary signaling, starting like this:
    -100mg of Clomid ED during 2weeks
    – Drop Clomid ED to 50mg 2 more weeks.
    At this point I check my Total T. LH and FSH are in range if are in range continue 2 more weeks with 25mg of Clomid ED and then end the PCT. If weren’t in range continue 2 more weeks with 50mg of Clomid ED and recheck blood levels.

    This always work for me and others. Always monitoring blood levels and always recover my HPTA fuction.

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