For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be the best at anything and everything I did.

Not so much for the reason of beating others really, rather just applying myself with full effort to get the greatest outcome accomplishable.

In school I remember crying when I received my first “B”, I always had to have perfect attendance so at the end of the year I could receive the award.

I was never very athletic, but I did play soccer. I started out not being very good at it, but it was only a matter of time until I was playing center offense and the best on the team, I can still remember the first goal I made, which is crazy because I was 8 years old.

From there I got into showing livestock. Horses, pigs, cows, etc.

This is when my competitive edge and work ethic really came out. Just as I was with soccer, I started out not being so good, but it was only a matter of time before I was known to be the best showman in the state, along with across the country.

This was my life and breath from about 11 to 19 years old.

Getting to the barn before daylight, and leaving after dark. There wasn’t a single piece of effort missing to ensure my animals would be at their best come show time.

I say all that for the fact of that is what has led me to competing today.

My competitiveness and work ethic shifted from showing cattle into bodybuilding.

I started “working out” once I got my license at 17, I didn’t know anything except what told me. I followed a program on there to the “T”, it was training and diet. I laugh as I type this because I can remember it like it was yesterday and that’s where it all began.

No matter what I do I am ALL IN, so of course I fell in love and once I was done with that faze of the program, I found a “fitness” coach through instagram, she was a competitor so that is what sparked my interest in the stage, however it didn’t take long for me to realize her level of knowledge was lower than what could help me further.

That is when I found Matt, I told him within my initial email I wanted to turn pro and compete at the Olympia, I never even questioned if it was possible.

From there the rest is history, and more history in the making..

All of that is just a little personable insight to my past, to explain what has led me to today, and how my mental approach is toward training and competing.

I compete because I am competitive, but mostly because I love to train. Competing is a byproduct of my competitiveness with myself within my training.

I approach every single training session the exact way I approach my entire life, full effort to give all that I have to be my very best.

I keep a lot of pressure on myself, maybe at times a little much, but it is what has led me to here today and where I will continue to go.

I hope you guys enjoy the training log and having an inside look into what will take me from here, to where Matt and I are going in the future.

I want to offer much more to you than just watching training videos, I want to show what lies behind the training, the approach, and why we make the improvements we do, because I truly believe there is much more to improving than what meets the eye.

Accomplishments thus far:

2013 One NPC Figure show 4th place

2015 Two NPC Women’s physique shows 1st and Overall in both

2015 NPC USA’s – turned pro

2016 IFBB Orlando Europa – 3rd place

2016 Optimum Classic – 6th place

2016 Toronto Pro – 1st place

2016 Olympia – 16th place

2017 Tampa Pro – 3rd place

2017 San Antonio Pro – 2nd place

2017 Hurricane Pro – 1st place

2018 Arnold Classic – 4th place

2018 Hawaii Pro – 1st place

2018 Arizona Pro – 3rd place

2018 Olympia – 6th place

2018 Legion Sport fest Pro – 2nd place

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