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In order to maintain the highest standards of service and results for you, it is expected that when coming to work with Matt that you have a general understanding of the variables that encompass basic training principles and well as the knowledge on how to supply adequate feedback in terms of how your body is responding to the current dieting process (surplus or deficit). His desire is to make everything as progressive as possible for you by fully equipping you with a plan in order to make quantifiable results through your time together as you work as a team towards your goals.


Complete Coaching Services

Athletes will have unlimited weekly email access throughout the duration of your programming based off of the options below. Effective Communication between coach and athlete is something that Matt strives to build. Because of this he expects that you will be on top of your updates and have them taken care of in a timely manner on the morning of your update day in order to make the needed changes based off of your feedback. Services include:
  • Complete nutrition recommendations for both off-season and contest prep with changes made as much as needed.
  • Complete supplement recommendations for both off-season and contest prep with changes made as needed, focusing on performance and doing the best to keep health markers intact based off of the goal.
  • Training recommendations on volume and frequency based off of current physique as well as any structural issues that need to be worked around or addressed through training. (Customized Training Programs purchased separately)
  • Weekly progress pictures need to be provided on behalf of the athlete and Matt will give feedback on the poses themselves and how to better display your physique through posing tweaks. Progress pictures are also the main tool for the changes that need to be made.
  • Peak week programming covering every detail of what will be needed to prepare you to present your best physique come day of the show.
  • Unlimited email access on a weekly basis.
  • Option, when available to travel to your show. Athlete willing cover 100% of Matt’s travel cost. If multiple competitors are competing at one show, then cost will be divided equally among them.
Plan Options:
  • 12 Month Competitor Programming (Includes off season and unlimited Competition prep)
  • Contest Prep ONLY
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Individual Training Program

(Option) with video feedback
Athletes will receive a cyclical training program based off of the individuals needs, in which program design will be based off training assessment and needs, which include the following variables.
  • Athletes progress pictures
  • Any structural / mobility issues that need to be worked around or addressed through training
  • Exercise selection that you feel has worked well for you and also exercise selection that needs to be avoided
Upon completion of the first training cycle, (generally 4-8 training days) the athlete will update Matt on the following:
  • Overall workability of the program
  • Exercise Selection
  • Issues within the Programing Layout
  • Any changes or updates needed to the program will be made at this time. Matt’s goal within this programming is progress, so the main variables of the training program will be left in tact for each phase. This is so that progress can be measured and tracked though consistency. As far as the length of the program design that is based more so off progress this is not something that is designated for an exact amount of time, Matt does not want to cut off progress that is occurring within a phase just because the month or (phase) is up. He would rather you carry out the phase for a greater amount of time and continue to make progress for as long as possible within each individual phase. With each program you will have unlimited access to Matt to ask questions and update him weekly throughout the programming which will allow for him to further learn how you are responding in order to be making the needed changes to each additional training phase.

    ***If you are new to this style of training or to the variables within the program Matt would prefer that you pick 2-4 top end max effort sets and film them so that you can update him weekly and he can provide you feedback in order to get more out of your training. This is encouraged to do throughout your time together.

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    One Time Nutrition Plans

    One time comprehensive diet lay out based off your goals. Plan includes below:
  • Explanation and reasoning for set-up of the plan, so you will have an understanding how your progress is going to start.
  • Variety of foods used
  • Meal by meal options
  • General Recommendations of health and performance related supplements based of goals.
  • Two follow up updates via email within the first month to adjust any issues or things that are not working correctly with your bodies feedback within the plan.
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