Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Hey Guys

Todays pictures posted above, I am ghostly white so not the best representation but it is what it is. I am continuing to harden up, weight is holding at 231.2. I am doing a high day today, no cardio and training legs. Adding in some additional foods today (nothing I wouldnt add days prior to a show so all things that are trial and error, I want to rule them out if they do not sit well.) I tried honey nut cheerios last week and did not like the way they sat even though they sat great all off season. Today I am going to add in some almond butter, rice krispies plain cereal and honey.

I will upload full day once I am through with today.

Also new hamstring video uploaded if you have not seen that as well as new Olympia prep section detailing the athletes I am helping for the Olympia.