Matt JansenMatt Jansen

A few days behind on the log but I ended up doing a refeed of 500g of carbs + chick fil a normal cheat meal on thursday and have done a good job of holding weight and getting tighter since.

Friday I resumed normal cardio of 40 min and trained Hamstrings Friday and Arms Saturday. (Hamstring video is on the site)

Sunday I increased cardio on off day by 10 min so I did 40 min on the bike and the last 10 min on the stairs really driving through and flexing my glutes.

I woke up at 5 am this morning at 233 so more realistically like 231 at normal time.

Yesterday was my first real day of making changes and pushing the diet on my off – rest day which was cardio only.
I normally have ~60g of carbs at meals 1-4 then 25g at meal 5 and 0g at meal 6. Yesterday keeping protein the same I did only 2 meals of 60g carbs, 2 meals of 25g carbs and 2 meals of no carbs. Felt a good increase in hunger today. I did feel I was flat today training chest, also took a video and saw definite flatness especially through my back side. This prep I am really trying to not react within the moment and look at all variables intact. I woke up 3 hours early today to do cardio, drove for 4 hours, trained on only two meals but at my normal training time so by the time I took the video it was 5 pm with only two meals in so of course I would be flatter. I am going to finish out today on my base low plan. I get a normal wake up time tomorrow will take pics and get normal weight and assess any needed changes at that point if any.