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Right now the all out effort at a given load I can place into a set is not as great so in the off season I will just prioritize my weak areas first within the training day for the body part. I am doing much the same for my prep but since I cannot muster out the same amount of effort, mentally I can but in terms of actually accomplishing something its not as great as my peak strength and endurance is not there so I am simply adding a SLIGHT bit of volume. In this case two added top end work sets of upper chest on my shoulder day.

I think you can always use  a bit more volume to improve a body part but within a controlled volume plan. I don’t think just continuing to add in volume is the answer though because if that were the case all we would have to do is continue to add in volume ad we would grow. I am still a believer of adding in volume within a lower volume plan of true peak work sets.