Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Hey Matt, I notice that on your “High days” it is not just high carbohydrates but it is also higher fats, whats your reasoning behind having higher calorie days opposed to just strictly higher carb days?


Hey Scott – I am doing a low fat diet where basically the only fats I am getting are from omega’s and very lean steak and other cuts of protein so trace at best. When you are flat you go flat from two area’s glycogen stores as well as intra muscular tryglyceride stores which are refilled from utilizing fats. That is when when I go high I add both sources of nutrients into my plan. 


Hey Matt, do you like to put coconut oil in your diet athletes? In offseason or precontest?

Juan – I honestly do not use much coconut oil, from a saturated fat standpoint I use red meat and the rest of my fats that I add into the diet typically come from mono unsaturated fat sources such as olive and mac nut oils, avocado, nut butter and I also use whole eggs. 


What are your thoughts on a high fat low carb approach to prep vice a high carb and low fat? Energy and strength have been good so far and I’m roughly 12 weeks out so was curious whether I should reverse back to a higher carb or maintain here. Body seems to respond really well to it.

JT – If its working for you than I would stick with it man, I personally prefer when I go with one route to keep carbs as high as possible within the goal and reduce fat intake (this goes for a majority of my guys, some guys need a greater % of fats and less carbs) Its about finding the best approach for you though its not one size fits all. I have more energy on fats but my physique looks better on lower fats I believe until I reach a place where I am just flat flat then both nutrients seem to help me fill back out well. Once I am flat if I just add in carbs my weight will not change much I need some fats added in for the weight to stick.