99.9kg today. Rest day so running my zero carb diet with higher fats.

Yesterday was a great training session, maybe the best all prep. Although I was only able to get out 8 reps on the leg press before it JAMMED and wouldn’t move! Luckily it was right above one of the pegs so I was able to rack it!

12th June – Legs 1

1 leg lying ham curl RP – 43kg x10,4,2 (aim for 11-12)
Stiff Leg deads – 200kg x7 (reduce to 180kg)
Seated ham curl RP – 220lbs x13,4,2 (aim for 14-15)
Standing calf RP – 65kg x11,5,5 (aim for 12-13)
Leg Ext – 95kg x22 (aim for 23-24)
Leg Ext RP20 – 112.5kg x13,3,2,1,1 (aim for 14-15 CONTROLLED)
Plate loaded leg press – 405kg x8 (machine jammed)
1 leg press machine RP – 146kg x14,4,4 (aim for 15-16)
Leg press machine MR (6x4s) – 218kg x6 (aim for 7 rounds)
Adductors LOAD – 91kg x12 (aim for 96kg)
Adductors BACK OFF – 80kg x16 (aim for 82kg)