Woke yesterday at 99kg on the dot, I anticipated a drop like this and so yesterday was a high day.

101.2kg today after yesterday’s high day, which is about right for me, anything less than 2kg doesn’t really stick to me and I’ll drop back down to base in a couple of days, aiming to be a 98kg by Saturday or sunday and then feed up again.

yesterday’s arm workout
V bar pushdowns RP – 100kg x14,4,3 (aim for 15-16)
High incline skulls LOAD – 52.5kg x12 (aim for 13-14)
High incline skulls BACK OFF – 40kg x18 (aim for 42.5kg)
Dip machine LOAD – 150kg x13 (aim for 155kg)
Dip machine BACK OFF – 130kg x16 (aim for 135kg)
Rope pulldown MR (6x4s) – 35kg 7×4 (aim for 40kg)

Preacher curl machine LOAD – 120lbs x13 (aim for 14-15)
Preacher curl machine BACK OFF – 80lbs x16 (aim for 17-18)
alternating db curls RP – 22.5kg x10,3,3 (aim for 11-12)
EZ bar Preacher curl RP – 30kg x11,3,3 (reduce to 30kg)
Rope cable curl MR (6x4s) – 35kg 7×4 (aim for 40kg)

photos are from Sunday night!

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