I’m going to start posting up my training here too. This is straight from my log book so even has my goals for the following session.

Fri 8th June – Push 2

Incline DB flyes LOAD – 45g x9 (reduce to 40kg)
Incline DB flyes BACK OFF – 35kg x15 (aim for 16-17)
Decline press RP (notch 6) – 140kg x10,2,1 (15 breaths, reduce to 130kg)
Incline machine press notch 7 LOAD – 82kg x10 (aim for 86kg)
Incline machine press BACK OFF – 59kg x16 (aim for 64kg)
DB press stretch – 32.5kg 57s (aim for 35kg)
Seated dumbbell Laterals LOAD – 22.5g x12 (aim for 13-14)
Seated dumbbell Laterals BACK OFF – 17.5kg x16 (aim for 17-18)
crucifix Laterals MR (4x6s) 7.5kg x6,6,5 (reduce to 5kg at 6x4s)
Shoulder press machine RP – 91kg x11,3,2 (aim for 9-10)