Hey Thomas! thanks for the reply!

The way I train is fairly low volume, slightly higher frequency. I follow a few DC and fortitude principles as well as drawing from people like Matt, Jordan Peters and of course Dorian.

My split is:


Chest and Front/Side Delt

Back and rear delts


I also have two rotations of each body part and train at three different gyms to get the most out of a variety of equipment. I rest on Wednesdays and If i need to will take an exta rest day in the week (usually every 2-3 weeks)

In regards to fats being so low, I forgot to mention I also take 4g of fat from omega 3s and 2g from evening primrose oil every day. I’ll also get a bit of fat from my meats (I’m still using beef and chicken) so my total fats are around 30-35g on training days, which is just enough for me, I won’ lower them any more unless I’m desperate haha!