Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Hey Donyae – Yes and No in terms of being flexible, I worked my calories up this off season more than ever and that was from being more strict to constantly increasing calories slowly instead of hanging around the same numbers for too long as I did in previous off seasons. I also ate less desserts this off season and this was really the first off season that I didn’t eat any cheat meals all off season. Now this is not to say I did not eat out but everything I chose to eat when going out was on track calorie wise with what I would eat at home and consistent sources. All I would choose when going out was chicken and multiple baked potatoes, chipotle bowls with plain white rice, chicken and salsa (double everything) or sushi but again this was all on track with my normal intake at these meals. In previous off seasons I would have a specific cheat meal and dessert once to twice a week sometimes and I think that hurt me working up my intake as best I could. As now I am benefitting from this approach this is the most food I have eaten during prep and the fastest I have gotten in shape.