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Caidin –

Loving this thread Matt. I think the real value here is when you give explanations as to why you’re doing what you’re doing, specifically as it relates to diet and training. I just have a few questions regarding your previous posts:

1. Could you explain the benefits of using a GDA, both in an off season setting and in a pre-contest setting?

For me its blood glucose control, glucose can raise over time due to chronic carb intake so its important to monitor it and using a GDA aids in this to lower bg levels. Also if one is using exogenous GH that also increases bg over time so that would be another reason to utilize a gda. 

2. Do you recommend one Greens supplement over another? I’ve had a hard time being consistent with taking in a Greens powder due to the fact that everyone I’ve tried tastes like absolute shit.

For me its more about the benefits I am getting from them or an easy way to get in greens I could care less about the taste. The one I am currently using is fruits and greens from nutridyn which does taste great, it does have 7g of carbs I believe per serving so towards the end this will go if needed for a carb free greens powder. 

3. When you choose your fiber powder, why do you opt for one that doesn’t contain psyllium?

I dont digest psyllium well it binds me up so that is why I chose a fiber without it.