Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Wanting to get back to daily prep / training updates as well as the weekly video updates. Been a lot busier with Nathan living with us but want to get back to the consistency here for you guys so you can see this prep unfold.

Nathan is not loosing any strength at all, still a lot of fun to be around in and out of the gym we really are just having a good time. He is not one that seems to hate life at the end even though bf levels are low. He can however fall asleep at the drop of a hat haha.

This AM weight: 242.6
Cardio: 25 min daily (skipped 2 days last week due to weight dropping and increased energy expenditure traveling)

Yesterdays Training

***We are purposely going into full contractions on most movements that we can while keeping the weight as heavy as possible within the rep range.

Seated Shoulder Plate Loaded Press
4pps x 6
3p+25ps x 8

Standing Lateral Raise
200 x 10
200 x 8
150 x 10 + 10 partials

Standing Pronated Lateral Raise – Keeping Palms in towards thighs throughout
Did sets of 10 until we could not get 10
Max set was 40’s x 10 this is much harder than a standard lateral raise


Reverse Pec Deck – with 4 second eccentrics
160 x 10 / 8 / 7



Standing Face Pulls
150 x 10 x 3