Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Arm Training –

The main things that we are wanting to improve on while Nathan is here in this short time frame (~8 weeks) is to bring up his legs, bring his hamstrings in sharper which comes from condition as well as just better connection with them during training and also bring up his triceps as much as we can to complete his arms. In my opinion he has world class biceps already.

1: Camber Bar Close Grip Press down – placed an emphasis on keeping shoulders back and keeping chest up not leaning into the stack.
– Worked up to one all out rest pause set in the rep range area of 8-10 / 4-6 / 2-4

2: Single Arm Tricep Extension using D Handle
– Keeping elbow tucked into side and keeping shoulder back. We did sets of 8 until a max set of 8, worked from 70lb t0 120 lb on the cable stack.

3: Close Grip Smith press with Elbows Out
– This is how Jay used to do them back in the day, you are 100% stronger when you tuck elbows in but I do feel more direct load and stretch on the triceps when I flair them out. We worked up to a max set of 8-10 reps then a back off set where there was a greater emphasis placed on the eccentric and coming to a full pause at the bottom (keeping tension on triceps) then firing out from that position.

4: Dip Machine
4p x 8
5p x 8
6p x 8
7p x 8
8p x Max set (11)

5: Standing French Press with back against a pad
– This was a stretch empahsis set where we keep the movement from fully stretched position and drive to bring elbows to 90 degree then back down. 1 Max set of 20 reps.

6: Hammer Rope Curl –
Working up to two heavy sets with holds at contraction in the 8-10 rep range. We did a lot of warm up sets here.

7: Plate Loaded Preacher Curl
Working up to two max sets in the 8-10 rep range

8: Standing Single Arm DB Curl
8 reps on right arm then into 8 reps on left. Last set we did a quad drop set aiming for 6-8 reps on each.