Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Hey Guys!

Nathan is here and he is getting settled. When new guys come to town I really try to help where I can but also not overly dictate. Nathan has come a long way and I dont think what has got him here is broken by any means so I am just looking to bridge the gap between my style of training and his and find the best approach for both of us. Some of the goals that we have while he is here the next 8 weeks is to bring up his back / legs / triceps.

Thus far we have trained hamstrings / shoulders / arms.

One of the main things that Nathan likes to do is do his warm up sets all the way leading up to main set is to stay around 10 reps. Seeing as he is in prep as well we definitely want to avoid injury so getting a bit more sub max work here in this situation I think is wise.

Ill start laying out our training as well last few days we have had really good workouts but its been a bit more based off of feel.