Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Caidin – Thanks for the response Matt. I also see from your base diet on page 1 your current diet lacks any dairy. What is your reasoning behind this and do you/would you recommend taking a calcium supplement to try and get some mineral deficiencies remedied from a lack of a direct calcium source via food?

Hey Caidin – I do have a slight allergy from dairy where I get little red dots on my skin – I notice this every time I eat cheese or yogurt or something like that. I also like to have a smooth transition from my off season foods to my diet foods so that is why I do not have dairy in my off season diet simply because I know I wont diet on those types of foods. I believe there are better sources of fat I can use within my diet other than dietary fat from dairy during a prep where those things really matter in terms of the quality of fats you are ingesting as you dont get an abundance.  I do take a multi mineral every day which I feel are important for performance athletes to use – I use from a company called trace minerals its a droplet type bottle.