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Lucas – Hey matt , thanks to reply , im not assuming that taking and fat at the same time is bad but we saw a lot of coach who said to put them appart , like a high fat meal and a high carbs meal , im just trying to understand your points on that ! Thanks ????

Hey Lucas – Right now I am in my off season and I am taking in a lot of calories I simply do not have enough time or meals in the day to be able to just do carbs and protein meals coupled with fat and protein meals. I would have trouble digesting that much fat / carbs in one meal. For me right now I believe the total intake is what is most important and getting that food down in such a way that you can properly digest. I have gotten many people in great shape with both carbs and fats in the same meals – the thing that trumps everything here is your intake vs what is needed for proper fat loss not so much splitting the carbs and fats. Now when it does get into the nitty gritty of a prep it is much easier to split macros like this simply because neither the carbs or fats are not in abundance but for right now my goal is to gain as much tissue as I can not fat loss.