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Chest Training –

Something that you guys can learn from me when approaching heavy top end sets is DONT get overly excited. It never fails the first time I touch a new weight and I am in control of it I get overly excited in the middle of my set, lose my concentration and end up blowing a rep or two at the end. This happened again today I hit 435 for the first time and I honestly felt like I had 5 – 6 in me but the issue was instead of just focusing on that rep I was thinking ahead to how many I could have gotten and I lost focus.

Barbell Flat Bench
435 x 4 (help on the 5th)
405 x 6 (help on the 7th)

Plate Loaded Press
4+25ps x 8 (help on the 9th)
3+25ps x 8 (fighting eccentric all the way down)

DB Fly
90 x 8
110 x 6
90 x 8 (really hard last rep with a spot)

Chest Supported Fly High to low
80 x max set

Chest Supported Fly High Elbow to High finishing position
6o x max set