Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Back Training

Whenever I have people come into town I definitely use more of a freestyle approach – the atmosphere is great and I just like to feed off of each other and have a general direction. If the volume gets a bit high it is what it is as we are having fun!

Supra Bar
3pps x 8 (last touch set which was closer to max set)
3p+10ps x 9
3p+10ps x 10

DB Row
(worked up to the 200’s then backed off)
200 x 7.5
160 x 11.5

Low Row Machine – Keeping a fixed position with chest on pad and hips in
4pps x 6
5pps x 7
4pps x 8.5

Incline Lever Row
90 lbs x 8
110 lbs x 12
90 lbs x 9

Standing Pulldown
1 max set with holds at contraction at 160 lbs

Standing pullover with loaded stretch holds at the end (basically holding a 30 count stretch on my last rep)
170 x 14