Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Hey Caidin – The biggest thing that I think helps with this positioning is getting your hamstrings and glutes strong. The stronger I get my hamstrings the better I feel in this positioning. As far as how to do this in terms of RDL is you really need to find out how to actually load your hamstrings on your RDL – driving the load through heals (possibly pulling toes up if this helps activate for you) I find if you are centered over your toes the load is more apt to transfer to your back. Once you get confident here then apply a pause at the bottom stretched position of the RDL (this will then simulate a bottom row position). Also controlling lower back loading volume will help…ie the amount of exercises that your back is having to be stabilized through or assist in the movement.

Donyea – Hey man right now my calories are high on all days so its not like I really aim to add more in on weaker body parts as I am for sure in a surplus on all days. Considering increasing frequency on a weaker body part is for sure an option but I would really aim to make weekly progress first and if that stalls out (which I really dont think it will for a long time) then consider other options.