Wednesday 4/17/19

Am fasted:
Cardio: 35 min stairs 20 min recumbent bike


Not a good day on my standards
I’ve somehow managed to obtain a bad pain behind my right shoulder blade
No clue how, just popped up last week after a chiro appt, thought it was just a soreness that would fade but it’s persisted
Such is life haha

Hammer strength pull down
2 p + 25 ps x 10
2 p + 25 ps x 7

Single arm DB row off incline bench
110 x 8-9
100 x 8 slower tempo

Reverse grip EZ bar row
4 25’s ps x 8
3 25’s ps x 11

Cable pullover
Build up sets of 10 to one max set

Assisted pull up
Wide grip into close grip
1 max set

Hyper extension
1 max set holding a 25 and then dropping to bodyweight

Machine preacher curl
Worked up to one max rest pause set

Cable rope hammer curl
3 sets 15-12 reps