Tuesday 4/16/19

Am fasted:
Cardio – 55 min on stairs
Abs: 3 sets hanging leg raises

Chiropractor / therapy appointment post training


Slight incline smith press
225 x 7
195 x 9 paused reps

Incline hammer strength press
This one definitely feels heavier than the one I used last week at a different gym
2 p + 25 ps x 5.5
2pps x double drop

Incline DB fly
50’s x 8
40’s x can’t remember

Pin loaded dip
Leaning forward for chest with handles wider
Into sitting back for triceps with handles closer
Worked up to one max round

Tricep ext machine
Worked up to one max set

Cable long rope press down
3 hard sets 15-12 reps

Cable overhead ext
Bent over facing away from stack
Worked up to one max double drop set

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 100 times lol but i really am not a fan of NEEDING to pair body parts together, but I need to take this Sunday off again so I won’t have an arm only day again this week so did some tris with chest today and will again Saturday with Delts