Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Hey Brad – I would imagine that you are using your lower back more than your hamstrings which might even start with engaging lower back on your lying leg curl? Try to really actively push your hips back horizontally during your RDL and then lifting the weight through your hamstrings not your lower back. I would also pull your toes up toward your shin during the movement. Another thing is your need to make sure you maintain an arch in your lower back and keep your chest high throughout the movement, most tend to let their chest cave without knowing it then their lower back starts to round from not maintaining proper posture.

It also could be an issue of total volume where once your hamstrings are overly fatigued then of course your body is going to compensate and recruit something else to move the load.

Josue – I started pushing the food to this extent to start Jan, prior to I was at about 60-80g carbs per meal. No I am not doing a mini cut I feel if you push the diet at the proper rate you should avoid negative fat gain and should not need to mini diet. I will diet once I start my prep this May!

Currently I am not doing any cardio when I had it in my weight was not moving at all.