Ryan SchrockRyan Schrock

On the post from you on IG of the SL lying leg curls I noticed you where not going all the way down rather about 3/4 the way down. Was this to keep tension on the hamstring and stay in your active range? Just wanted to hear your input on that since generally the goal is to get full range of motion on most movements but do you think this is a movement that doing full range of motion might not actually be the most efficient way of max recruitment? Also, are you sequencing the SL leg curl first to start off since it is  really good at getting peak contraction and connection with your hamstrings then going into DB lying leg curls? Interested in your thought process of exercise order here since I know in the past you have stated that one of your weaker movements is DB leg curls and you wanted to improve them and generally in the majority of your other workouts you put movements that you really want to focus on progression with first.