Saturday 4/6/19

Weight: 144.6 new low

No cardio (per Matt)
High day diet posted above


Hammer strength plate loaded press
3 pps x 6 – had a spot here, after the first two reps he had his hands on it but didn’t add true assistance until final rep – it was heavy, a little too heavy lol but I’ve been doing 2.5 pps as my second movement the past couple weeks so I thought I should be able to get 3. Real grinders though.
2 p + 25 ps x 8
2pps x 10 dead stop

Seated single arm DB press
70x 6
60x 9

Standing DB lateral raise
35’s x max set
30’s x drop to 20’s x drop to 10’s for iso hold
(I don’t remember reps)

Smith machine upright row
2 25s ps x max rest pause set

Pec dec rear delt fly
2 max high rep sets

Seated EZ bar front raise
1 max set
As many as I could seared into standing