Friday 4/5/19

Weight: 145.2

Am fasted cardio 35 min on stairs
Stretching + core stability work


Lying leg curl
Dead stop each rep at stretch but not touching weight to stack, slight pause at contraction, controlled eccentric, explosive concentric
1 max straight set
1 max rest pause set with the same weight

Cybex squat press
High wide foot placement
Hard contraction keeping tension on adductors and hams, pressing through heels, controlled eccentric maintaining that connection mindfully spreading the platform “out” through feet, pause in hole, controlled explosive concentric still keeping that same tension mindfully contracting adductors “in”
Warm ups 1 pps until I reached 9pps
9pps x 15
9pps x 8

Barbell RDLs
Slow controlled reps, slight pause at stretch, keeping hams, adductors, glutes contracted hard through concentric
Build up sets of 7 adding a 25 ps until reaching 5 25s ps x 6

Seated leg curl
1 max straight set
1 max double drop set

2 max high rep straight sets

Stretch and leave