Thursday 4/4/19
AM fasted –
Cardio: 35 min on recumbent bike
Abs: Cable rope crunches 3x 25-20 reps
Ab wheel roll outs 3x 15-12 reps

Friday 4/5/19
Updated Matt today at 145.2 which is a new low
Based on some feedback I gave him from this week he thinks it is a good idea for a calorie boost this weekend
So tomorrow (Saturday) I will do no cardio and have a high day, Sunday I will do regular cardio and have a high day
Below is the plan

If you guys also have interest in seeing how I give feedback to Matt let me know, I do not mind sharing some of that as well to best help you do the same for your coach!

Meal one:
70g oats
150g egg whites
80g chicken
Pepper/onion mix

Meal two: (pre training)
75g cream of rice
16g almond butter
30g whey isolate

25g vitargo
15g eaa
Pink salt

Meal three: (post training)
250g Yukon potato
112g 96/4% beef

Meal four:
180g jasmine rice
112g chicken

Meal five:
112g chicken
40g avocado
70g jasmine rice
100g grean beans

Meal six:
112g lean beef
100g asparagus