Tuesday 4/2/19

AM fasted:

Cardio: 35 min on stairs

Abs: 100 reps back supported knee raises via 4 sets



Chiro/Therapy appointment post training



Today was not a good day lol (yes those happen to me) Felt fine going in, warm ups felt normal, hit my top set and gassed out, and from there every rep was a hard grind. I may have to make some variation adjustments moving forward as leverages go down.


Incline barbell press

225 x 2 smh unacceptable lol – spotter present but no assistance, the dude made me work lol

185 x 6 – no spot

135 x 9, 4, 2 rest pause set – no spot


Incline hammer press

2 plates + 25 per side x 6 + partials

2 pps x 6 + partials


Seated cable fly

3 max straight sets 8-12 rep range


Bodyweight dips

1 max set


Seated lateral raise machine

2 max straight sets + partials


Machine preacher curl

Sets of 10 increasing weight until reaching 1 max rest pause set, then a second reduced weight straight set