Monday 4/1/19

Weight: 145.4 new low

No cardio

Corrective exercise & stretching
Takes about 30 min


Warm up with hip mobility work

Barbell front squat
According to the progressive overload rule book, since last week I got 275 x 8 & 6, realistically my top set today should have been 295 x 6-8
But that’s so close to 3 plates I really just wanted to go for it before it’s too late and I lose more weight and leverages aren’t realistic lol
315 x 4
275 x 7
225 x 9 pause reps – endurance died
Weight is cool, but who cares if your legs are small right.. ????????‍♀️
Made sure to really stretch, squeeze and activate the rest of the movements to get the best of both worlds to grow ????

Cybex squat press
Shoulder width stance @ bottom of platform
Controlled eccentric, explosive concentric
Build up sets of 10 adding 1 pps until I got to
7 pps x 13, 5, 3 rest pause set
Second work set
Heels off platform
5 pps x 11, drop to 3pps x can’t remember reps (sissy squat style reps)

Leg ext
1 max straight set
1 max rest pause set

Smith split squats
2 sets x 15-12 reps per leg

Leg ext
Extremely slow hard contraction bodyweight squats using prime wedge solos – like so hard of contractions and tempo that you stop when you fall over
1 max round

Stretch and get the heck out