Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Today was a bit of a wash, not an excuse just is what it is. We got a call that Jordan’s grandmother was being rushed to the Hospital as I was walking out the door to train so my mind just was on Jordan and the situation. She is okay for now and resting at home

Flat hammer
4.5 x 8 (last forced)

Decline hammer
5pps x 11 (slight help on 10, help on 11)

Free motion Smith
405 x 5 help on last
315 x 7 no help
***my weight was a little too heavy for this portion of the workout, my original plan was a rest pause set but that 5 reps was all I had so I stripped it and went into 315 for the modified rest pause

BW + 135 x 6.5

Incline lying on chest fly
42.5 x 12 (slower reps than previous week)