Saturday 3/30/19

Feeling extra spent and extra beat up today
But just had the day before yesterday off

Am fasted cardio:
35 min recumbent bike ~90 rpm
Bosu crunch 3×20 superset with planks


Idk about you guys, but when I list reps, I never count the initial set up rep

DB press
80’s x 6
70’s x 8 paused bottom of each rep

Hammer press
2 p + 25 ps x 7 no spot
Second set maintained weight and turned into a double drop

DB lateral raise
30’s x 11 full + matching bottom partials
30’s x 7 , drop to 20’s for reps, drop to 10’s and do iso hold at the top as long as I could

Smith upright row
2 – 25’s ps x max rest pause set

Cable rear delt fly
3 sets 15-8 reps increasing weight on each

Free motion cable front raise
1 max set

Calves on Cybex squat press
3x 15

Standing calf raise
Work up to 1 max rest pause set
Long stretch