Matt JansenMatt Jansen


Filmed this session for you guys so it should be up this week. I am sitting at 256 (ish) still but I do feel a bit dryer through my lower half so I feel my body is getting more acclimated to the calories now which is good and what we want. Thats the exact reason why I feel its important when you are pushing to not only get up to heavier weights but actually stay there a bit. The longer you are there the better it will feel!

Flat Bench
425 x 5 (Did not attempt a 6th rep as I knew I would not get it on my own and I wanted to have a bit more strength for my following sets than gassing out here. This was my first time touching 425 so I am happy with how it went.)
405 x 6 + 1 forced rep

Plate Loaded Machine
4+25ps x 8 + 1 forced rep.
(one of the things I talked about in the video is I have found my sweet spot is 3 heavy all out sets of presses. I have a decline on my 4th set and by decline I mean that I decrease the load and still do not match the reps of set 3 so I cut it off here – these were all PR’s today within the total workload.)

Incline DB Fly
Sub max sets of 8 from 40 – 85 making 15 lbs jumps per arm
100 x 8 (slow eccentric and pause in stretched position)

Chest Supported Cable Fly
Sub max sets of 8 from 50-70 making 10 lb jumps per arm
80 x Max reps (I honestly dont remember)
60 x max rep (here I brought the cable down so rather than going high to low I kept it more in the same plane the entire time for an upper chest emphasis)

Plate Loaded Dip Machine
7p x 12
8p x 7-8 (this was heavy!)