Wednesday 3/27/19

Am fasted cardio 35 min on stairs


Core engagement movements to warm up

T Bar rows
First time doing these in a while
Approached very cautiously and kept them extremely strict
Not complete all out failure
Warm up sets were one 25 plate at a time
8 – 25’s x 6
7 – 25’s x 8

Wide grip cable pull down
Usually do these first but did not want any pre exhaustion on my back prior to those bent over rows
1 max straight set
1 max rest pause set

Single arm DB row on incline bench
125 x 8 explosive reps
105 x 8 slower controlled reps

DB pullover
1 max rest pause set
1 reduced weight straight set

Chest supported DB high row on an incline bench
80’s x 8
80’s x6, drop to 60’s, drop to 40’s

Cable tricep press down into leaning forward extension
Build up sets of 12 to 2 max sets

Machine dips
1 max rest pause set