Tuesday 3/26/19

Am fasted cardio: 35min on stairs
Abs: 100 reps via 4 sets hanging knee raises

Chiropractor/therapy appointment post training


Flat DB press
100’s x 5
90’s x 8

Incline smith press
185 x 9
185 x rest pause set

Incline DB fly
55’s x 9
(I don’t have a thing for the number 9 lol that’s just where I landed)
40’s x 11

1 Straight set holding DB with feet
1 Single drop set

Seated lateral raise machine
1 straight set + partials
1 double drop set + iso hold

Machine preacher curl
Build up sets of 10
1 max rest pause set
1 double drop set

Standing calf raises
Build up sets of 10 to 1 max rest pause set + long stretch