Sunday 3/24/19

Am fasted cardio:
35 min recumbent bike rpm ~90

Kneeling cable rope crunch 3x 25-20
Ab wheel roll outs 3x 15ish



Tricep push down
Sets of 12 until reaching 1 max set then drop weight and lean forward turning into an extension

Close grip press on flat hammer chest press
1 max set
1 max double drop set

Seated ez bar overhead extension
Sets of 10 working up to 2 max sets

Single arm D handle press down
1 max straight set
1 max double drop set

Cable straight bar curls
Sets of 12 increasing weight until reaching one max set + drag partials

DB hammer curl
Worked up to 2 max sets with 35’s

Reverse grip ez bar curl
Accumulation set of 10’s
10 reps + 10 lbs until reaching a weight I couldn’t get 10 and then went back down 10lb increments failing with fewer reps