Matt JansenMatt Jansen

I am using my week off from training that I had now a full week ago as a blessing in disguise and a re set of sorts. Being completely honest I have not been happy with my training since Jan really, I don’t feel I’m progressing as I should be so I am going to really reign things in on just getting as strong as possible nothing else matters. Aiming to not have any wasted energy. The last time I did this was in December of 17 going into 2018 and from December though March of last year I had one of my most successful runs I’ve had to date.

I want you guys to know I don’t always get it right either but what’s key here is I have data to look back on to know when I did and I need to get back to what works best for me.

Within this training only true working sets are listed nothing else, in terms of build up sets as I am getting closer to working weight my warm up reps decrease.


Hammer lying SL curl
60 x 9.5

Barbell RDL
455 x 12 PR

Lying leg curl
185 x 9.5
140 x 13.5 + 4 partials

305 x 16
305 x 11