Friday 3/22/19

No cardio or abs

Stretching + corrective exercises


3 sets bodyweight walking lunges
Just serving as a warm up, but gave a good pump!

Seated leg curl
Strict reps, hard contraction throughout
160 x 6
145 x 7, 3, 1 rest pause
130 x (can’t remember)

Wide stance barbell back squat
Was a bit unsure going into this as far as capabilities with my hip, but it went well!
Build up sets of 10-8 until reaching 2 max sets with 275
Fully glute emphasis
Strict controlled reps
Hard contraction on glutes throughout
Pausing each rep in hole, stopping shy of butt or hips “sinking/winking”

Cybex squat press
High Wide stance
Very strict controlled eccentric, pause in hole, explosive concentric, hard contraction, keep that same tension through eccentric
1 max straight set
1 max straight set bottom reps into full reps
1 max double drop set

Lying DB curl
20x 8
30x 8
Work set 40x 11
Work set 40x 6 drop to 30 drop to 20

Build up to one top rest pause set

Hyperextension ham and glute emphasis
Hard hard contraction throughout
1 max bodyweight set