Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Weight: Sitting and stable around 257 right now so not fully back yet but feeling better than I did at previous update.


Barbell Military Press
300 x 6 + 1 forced rep

Plate Loaded Press
5pps x 5 + 1 forced rep
***then went to a dead stop for second set
4pps x 5 (single rest pause) + 1 rep + 20 second eccentric (this was a very taxing set)

Standing Machine Lateral Raise
Stack x 12 – 3 + 5 partials

DB Side Lateral
55 x 7 + 3 Partials

Rear Pec Deck
180 x 9 +3 forced + 6 stretch partials

Rear DB Fly
50 x 12

DB Front Drag Shrugs (nothing ground breaking here just dont know what to call them but bascially I push my hips back slightly and drag the DB up my thighs aiming to pull the DB higher than I can from side position)

2 sets at 120