Tuesday 3/19/19

AM Fasted:
35 min cardio on stairs
Knee raises 100 total reps through 4 sets


Flat DB press
Really strict control
100’s x 4 lost control of the 5th
I know my top sets the past week or two have been lower reps than usual, but I’ve kind of just been “yoloing” it and hitting certain weights I’ve had a goal of if I am close to it regardless of traditional reps with the thought process of doing it before it’s too late and my leverages change in prep lol
I’ll make up for reps through reduction sets lol
90’s x 6
80’s x 8

Incline hammer press
2 p + 10 ps x 7
2 pps x 8
2 pps x 6 + double drop

Seated cable fly
Build up sets of 10-8 into
One max straight set
One max rest pause set
One double drop set

2 max sets

Called it a day there, was only able to have about 40 minutes total in the gym today