Quads 3/18/19

Still having my hip pain
Doing everything I know to tend to it
And training around it in the mean time
Biggest annoyance is RDL’s are impossible and I really really want to do them
Bent over rows too, but I can make due with other variations for that

Anyways, good leg day!

SSB Squats
Seen Stef Cohen using the same exact bar and said the weight so I now know it’s 65lbs according to her lol
These were feeling heavier than last week and endurance seemed down a bit but oh well still good
335 x 3 lower rep count than preferred but I wanted to put 3 plates on the bar lol
295 x 7
245 x 12 I literally almost passed out lol

Leg ext
Build up sets of 12
One max straight set
One max rest pause set

Pendulum squat
Wider stance 2 max sets
Closer stance 1 max set into double drop

Adductor machine
Build up sets to two max straight set

Smith machine split squat/lunge
2 max straight sets 15-12 reps per leg

Leg ext
Walking pulse lunge close stride
1 round

Seated leg curl
1 max straight set