Starting Nutrition 3/9/19


(weight as of 3/19/19: 149.6 lbs)

One shredabull prior to cardio

Cardio: 5x/week @ 35 min (3 stairs/ 2 bike) AM Fasted – Abs: 3 movements for 3 sets 2x/week, 1 movement for 4 sets 3x/week

AM Shake: Greens powder, glutamine, natural calm, endefen, apple cider vinegar, lemon

Revive MD health sups: Omega 3 fish oil, Multi mineral, COq10, Vit D3/K, Digest aid, Zinc, NAC, Milk Thistle

Citrus bergamot, Astragalus, Tudca, Grape seed extract, Vit C


Meal One:

1 whole egg

150g egg whites

80g chicken

peppers & onions

50g oats


Meal Two: (Pre Training)

60g Cream of rice

30g whey isolate



25g Vitargo

15g EAA

Pink Salt


Meal Three: (Post Training)

4oz 96/4 beef

150g gold potato


Meal Four:

4oz chicken

125g jasmine rice


Meal Five:

4oz chicken

green beans

40g avocado/guac


Meal Six:

150g tilapia