Ok! Starting the descent toward peeled Michaela!

Matt and I are very much looking forward to this season being our best one yet!

I am currently my all time strongest ever, and what I realistically assume will be my strongest until this time next year. My goal for training is continue to give it my all as always, adapt to the circumstances and environment along the way and continue to improve in every way I can.

We made the initial diet adjustments Saturday March 9th. Below I will post the diet I ended my off season at, along with the current updated diet.

My goal for this prep is to mirror the Olympia prep as best as we can. It is a different starting point, as this time last year I was in a leaner state coming out of the Arnold prep, However I know we will adapt to the environment and do whatever is needed to match that Olympia condition with an improved physique even if it has to mean digging deeper than we had to during that prep. In which, my prediction is we probably will have to, but that is ok, I am all in and ready to do the thing!

My biggest fear with any prep is not improving from the last, so I will always do whatever it takes to insure that does not happen!