Matt JansenMatt Jansen

March 17 – Hamstrings 

So yesterday I would say I kept things more about an 8.5-9 in terms of the RPE scale. I didnt push to full all out failure but still pushed hard. For yesterday as well I kept all the warm ups at 8 reps rather than reducing the reps of the warm up the closer I got to working weight.

Lying Hamstring Curl
– Here I was trying my best to fully lengthen the hamstrings on each rep, start the rep without any knee flexion then go from there with a hard concentric, hold at the top and then a slow 4 second eccentric all the way down returning to the starting position.

Worked up to a hard set of 8 reps with full contractions

Single Leg Standing Hamstring Curl
– What I did here was a full rep on each rep holding at the top for a two count to really emphasize the contraction then once I could no longer get a full rep with hold I pushed my hip forward as far as I could forward and then did partials in that position for 5 reps.

Worked up to two hard sets of 8 reps + 5 partial reps

Barbell RDL
– Again here rather than reducing the warm up reps as I got closer to the working weight I just did straight sets of 6 all the way up to a top set near failure.
135 x 6
225 x 6
315 x 6
405 x 6
455 x 8

– Really emphasizing the stretch here coming to a full 3 count pause in the stretched position on each rep

3 working sets with the stack

Hammer Ab Machine
2 max sets at 50 lbs with full range of motion. I came to the point of having the weighted stack touching the remaining weight stack on each rep to get as much of an extension to my core as possible.