Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Alright guys we are back! Ill let you guys know how I handled the week last week as it was the most sick I had felt in a long time. My main priority was hydration because I was sleeping a lot so when I was awake I wanted to make sure that I was hydrating. I was having 3 fruits and greens (from nutridyn) shakes a day figured that would not hurt to help get me back to 100%. I typically was eating 1-2 diet meals per day then 1-2 meals of either an egg sandwhich or a AB and jelly sandwhich. Whenever I am sick like that or an athlete I am working with is sick I advise giving yourself two full days of proper diet and hydration before going back to the gym and that is what I did. I did try to also mentally refresh as well, I made the most of the time off spending time with Jordan and Dallas and had a bit of a free day on Saturday taking Jordan out for breakfast and also enjoying sushi and a blizzard at night.

Got back to training yesterday with Hamstrings and Chest today I will lay out the workouts below