Delts w/ arms 3/16/19

I don’t really like to pair arms with delts, but I did it for the purpose of having a second off day for the week

It’s been a great week of training and all of my main movements have progressed!
I am now at my strongest ever

Funny short story:
A few weeks back when Matt and I trained together, I told him it would be BA if I could barbell shoulder press 185
I didn’t really think it was realistic
But here I am this week only 10lbs away…

Barbell shoulder press
175 x 6 (7 if you count the initial rep partner assist to start)
He kept his fingers on the bar so I know my control probably would not have been there without it, but as far as assisting with reps he helped finish the last one
155 x 8

Seated hammer strength press
2 p + 25 ps x 8 (some assistance to finish top portion of last few reps)
2 pps x 9 dead stop reps + 5 top contraction partials

DB lateral raises
Build up sets:
10’s x12, 15’s x12, 20’s x 12, 25’s x12
Max sets:
30’s x 9 + bottom partials
30’s x 6 drop set 20’s, 15’s, 10’s + hold 5’s at top contraction as long as I could

Tricep straight bar press down
2 max sets

Close grip pin loaded press
1 max rest pause set
1 max reduced weight set

Standing EZ bar overhead ext
2 max sets

Assisted dip
1 max rest pause set

Free motion cable bicep curl
2 max sets