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Hey Matt,

I appreciate the awesome content! Shows a lot about character that you are willing to help people! I have a question about your current training. I notice that you are doing a top set and then a back down set on lot of your movements. I’m new to this Dorian/HIT style of training and I was wondering if it is ideal for me to just do one max set or also include a back down. I am currently professing by challenging my log book.
Thanks !

Answer – 

Hey Alex – one of the main things I believe in is to get away doing the least amount you can in terms of the things needed to progress. This will allow you to be able to continue to make changes when your progress stalls. So for now if you are progressing by just hitting one top end set then by all means continue to do so. What I like most about the back off sets is it reinforces good form if your top set gets a bit off.

In short though to answer your question yes I would continue to just work out to one all out top set and then move on.