Delts 3/9/19

Barbell military press
160x 7 last rep assisted finish
140x 8

Hammer press
2 p + 10 ps x 8 keep getting stuck there ugh
2 pps x dead stop reps 9

DB lateral raise
Sets of 12 started with 10’s increasing by 5’s each set until reaching 30’s x max set of 7 full + partials
Back down set 20’s x 15ish
Pump was nasty

Pec dec rear delt fly
Again sets of 12 increasing weight until I reached a max set and turned into a double drop

Lying cable upright row
Worked up to one hard heavy rest pause
6, 2, 1 + partials
One back down set ~ 12+ reps

DB alt front raise
1 top set
1 back down set