Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Chest and Shoulders

I noted this last week but I am adding in a bit more chest volume to increase frequency throughout the training week. Chest is something I really want to bring up this year. I am gauging my recovery to insure that by adding this additional work in I am still progressing on both days.

What I noticed this week is that hitting chest first does impact my shoulder pressing a bit but I am going to continue to play with this and see if I can find the right combination. I need to get both thicker and wider so it might be wise for me to start with a shoulder press first then chest press then go back to shoulders but this is how the workout went.

I had to do a little more machine work today because I have some inflammation in my left wrist making it hard to hold a DB, this has just started happening over time but I just need to slightly work around it to keep the swelling down.

Incline Hammer Press
Top set of 5p+25 x 7

Back off set of 4 plates done rest pause style deadstopping each rep at the chest for 5 seconds (technique Dante posted about)

Seated Hammer Press
This is where I felt like the pressing and the extended stretch set really hit me hard when pressing. I normally do 4 plates fresh in the 7-8 range today I got it for 4 reps. Its not that I got weaker I just had already exhausted energy going into the set.

Second set done with the 5 second pause style for a rest pause set at 3 pps, very challenging.

Lying D Handle Lateral Raise
1 Rest pause set
1 set x 15 reps (slight reduction in weight)

Steep incline DB Press
105 x 8 reps

Reverse Peck Deck
1 rest pause set at 175 lbs
1 set x 15 at 145 lbs

Seated Lateral Raise Machine
1 RP set at 150 lbs with arms completely straight