Glutes/Hams 3/8/19

Worked with a new therapist yesterday and he helped me make a LOT of progress on my hip, so today was about picking movements that I could make the most out of without undoing the improvement we made yesterday

Seated leg curl
Worked up to one top heavy rest pause set
Did 2 straight reduction sets to follow

Barbell glute bridges
I used the cambered bar so I could get under it with less hassle
Sets of 15-12 adding one 25 per side until I reached one top max set of 10

Lying leg curl
Worked up to one heavy straight set
Second set kept same initial weight and did a double drop from there

DB sumo squats
Sets of 10 starting at 50# and increased by ~30# each until I reached 130# which is the heaviest DB we have and did 2 max sets there 20-15 reps

DB lying leg curl
One double drop set
40, 30, 20

Banded Smith machine kneeling glute thrusts
1 set until full contraction failed